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I'm so sorry... ME!ME!ME! x reader
by whitemagesrule22, 12 minutes, 15s ago
Personal Journal
A/N: I saw there aren't any ME!ME!ME! insert stories, so hell, I thought I'd write one. Enjoy!
P.S., this is not gender based.


Horror. That's all that you could feel right now. Your older brother Shuu had just been killed by a rogue version of his girlfriend, Hana, and a bunch of her evil blue-haired minions. You were heartbroken, exhausted, and furious. You helped fight alongside your brother against Dark Hana and her minions to get Shuu's girlfriend back, and find a way out of this place. You were beyond scared. You didn't know if you were ever going to get out of here. Teary (e/c) eyes were staring at your brother's maimed head, and that's when you'd had it. She took Hana away from you and your brother. Hana was like an older sister to you, and now she was gone. You eyed the rifle in your hand and aimed at Hana's doppleganger. But she just stared back at you, unaffected by your death glare. She actually looked somewhat... Sad? No, she doesn't have feelings. She killed your brother and Hana, and now it was her turn to die. "(Y/N)." She called your name laced with regret and worry. One of the blue haired girls looked just as sorrowful as her. "Why are you so sad, 'Hana'," you said like the sentence was poison. "Your brother wasn't just murdered by an evil version of his girlfriend! What are you sad about!?" you screamed. "Why did you do it?! You knew he regretted not paying you any attention! You knew he was sorry! SO WHY THE HELL DID YOU KILL HIM?!" You were on the ground sobbing at this point. You couldn't take it anymore. Then you felt a strange presence. You looked up, and you were surprised to see 'Hana' was hugging you, along with the blue haired girl. "(Y/N), I'm so, so sorry. I didn't want to kill Shuu, but I was just so upset that he paid more attention to his anime instead of me. I never wanted to hurt your brother, or you. I love you too much to see you cry." What? She loved you? "Y-you l-love me?" "Of course I love you. All of us do." She said pointing to all of the girls. "I thought you loved Onii-chan." There was a pause, before Hana gave a sigh. "I did love him, but then when I met you, things changed. (Y/N), you are the most wonderful man/woman I have ever met. From your (s/t) silky skin, your (h/l), satin (h/c) hair, to your shimmering (e/c) eyes. I love you. I wish I could bring Shuu back just to see you happy." She buried her chin in your shoulder. She then pulled back and kissed you. It wasn't like the forced ones she gave Shuu. They were soft and gentle, and she held you as if you were made of glass. You kissed back just as she was about to pull away. You both pulled back due to lack of air, and for the first time through this whole ordeal, you smiled. The blue haired girl hugged you from behind feeling neglected. "Maybe we should go back to my home," you mused. "Agreed." Hana said. "Oh, and before we go, I'd like you two to grab some clothes from my closet when we get back." The blue haired girl giggled, and Hana hugged you tightly saying, "Of course, darling."

She loved you and you loved her. And you weren't going to let her go.

(Extended Ending)
~_Hana's POV_~
When you came back to Earth exactly a year ago, you and (Y/N) grew even closer. You even went back to wearing your hair down after (Y/N) convinced you it suited you. Even Kana got to know her even more. Though she did get kind of pissed when you neglected to tell (Y/N) that Shuu never really died. It was his/her turn to make dinner this time. It smelled good in there, so you decided to go bug him/her. Man, he/she really makes good ramen. You hugged him/her from behind making him/her squeak, making you giggle. "I love you, (Y/N)," you purred seductively in his/her ear, making him/her shiver, and went to kissing his/her neck. "I-I love you too, Hana." He/she whimpered between breaths. "Hey, (Y/N), is dinner ready ye--" Shuu paused as he took in the current scene. He took a second to process what was happening. "I'll.. Just come back later then." You looked at your lover, and he/she looked back at you, and you two burst out laughing. "Well, that just happened," he/she giggled. "I love you, Hana."

"I love you too, (Y/N)"

Well, how was THAT for my first fanfiction? I'll write a lemon if requested.
I'm So Sorry... ME!ME!ME! x Reader
Well this sucked. Hope you enjoyed it.

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